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Montana Wetland Council

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The Montana Wetland Council is an active network of diverse interests who work cooperatively and in partnership to protect and restore Montana’s wetlands and aquatic ecosystems for their water quality, water quantity, habitat, and other environmental benefits. As a network, the Council helps participating organizations and individuals build relationships, gain knowledge from each other’s work, and ensures that the “right people” get timely and useful information to make sound decisions and take informed actions on shared issues. Currently there are approximately 700 members in the MWC and include representatives from state, federal, tribal, and local governmental agencies; non-profits; and private organizations.


The Council is currently operating under the 2020 - 2030  State Wetland Plan, “Priceless Resources, A Strategic Framework for Wetland and Riparian Area Conservation and Restoration in Montana”. The State Wetland Plan (SWP) outlines the goals, objectives and potential actions Council participants can take to collaboratively accomplish Montana’s wetland goal of “No net loss of the state’s remaining wetland resource base and an overall increase in the quality and quantity of wetlands in Montana. [And to] maintain, protect, and restore the ecological integrity of riparian areas”. The State Wetland Plan also provides partners an approved state plan they can point to justifying the actions they are undertaking to support the state in attaining their wetland goal.


An electronic copy of the 2020 - 2030 Updated State Wetland Plan can be downloaded here.


 Core Beliefs


Core beliefs provide the foundation for the Montana Wetland Council's Mission, vision, and five-year State wetland plan:



  • Wetlands and riparian areas are essential to maintain water quantity and clean water in Montana.
  • Sound science must be the basis for wetland and riparian management, conservation, restoration, policy decisions, and public education.
  • The State of Montana has a responsibility to safeguard its wetland and riparian ecosystems.
  • Healthy wetland and riparian communities sustain healthy human communities.
  • Montana's current landowners, land managers, and the public are the stewards of wetland, riparian, and water resources for future generations.
  • An informed and engaged public is essential to wetland riparian protection and conservation.
  • Open, informed communication and cooperation among all interested parties are essential ingredients for sound management of wetland and riparian ecosystems. 


Get Involved


If you would like to get involved with the Montana Wetland Council please join our listserv here.


If you would like to see upcoming Wetland Council meeting topics or view past presentations please visit the Wetland Council Meetings page.


Copies of the most recent and archived Montana Wetland Council newsletters can be found on the Wetland Council Newsletters page.



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